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Dino Valley 2018 To Be Postponed

In many parts of Texas, the last couple weeks we have been slammed with torrential rain and flooding. Our race course crosses the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park. While this river can normally handle a sudden single storm and drains quickly, the accumulation of this precipitation has been felt at the state park. Last week, the river was 9 feet deep, the campground had completely flooded due to how saturated the ground was with rain continuing to fall, and the park is in the middle of an 8 day closure. Here is a video the state park posted last week:


Even as the river tries to drain, all area waterways are flooded, lakes are above their banks, and the river can not drain right now at the speed it normally can. Friday’s rain added to this. Many of you probably saw this image (source unknown) circulating in social media, but it feels pretty much like what we're all experiencing:

The rain that is forecast for Wednesday (October 24) will continue to affect the river level and the state park’s accessibility overall.

So even as things begin to drain, after conferring with state park staff, it won’t be until race week at the earliest that I can even get across the river to assess the majority of the miles and miles of trails we use. I don’t know if all this rain has damaged the trails or downed trees. That would put an enormous burden on the few days pre-race to do what is normally about 2 weeks worth of trail checking, course marking, normal race preparations, Uhaul loading, and race site set-up (none of which clearly can be done far ahead of time to free up time just pre-race). And you all deserve a race with proper time to set up.

Therefore, unfortunately, the decision has to be made to postpone the race. The next date that will really work is December 1 and 2. It wasn’t our ideal choice for a couple reasons, but it’s what is available in the near future. This will give the river time to drain and give me a chance to assess the trails. Of course, if there is trail damage or we have an incredibly wet November, that will affect if the race can happen at all.

For those who paid for camping, you will all be refunded by check for camping fees. If you want to camp for the new weekend, you will reserve that directly through the park system since the public has been reserving campsites for that weekend already so I can’t repeat just taking the whole campground and assigning campsites myself.

By not waiting until late race week to make this decision, I am able to avoid incurring a lot of costs that would be normally sunk into the event race week and therefore unable to be passed back to participants when a race has a last minute cancelation. Therefore, I can offer a limited time full refund for those where the new date doesn’t work in your life. You have until the end of Sunday, October 28, to decide. If you want a refund, email me to let me know, and please include your current mailing address. I can not refund back the Ultrasignup processing fee as that goes straight to that company and isn’t money the race ever receives.

If you had a non-refundable hotel room or flights that will incur a change fee, please send me documentation of those. I will give $50 out of my own pocket for each of those instances if I feel the documentation is sufficient and that this offer isn’t being abused.

After October 28, everyone registered will go back to the standard policy for my races, which is no refunds beginning a month out.

In terms of swag, the shirts are already printed, so they will have the original date. The medals and buckles are undated, so those won’t be affected. Nothing else about the race execution is predicted to be affected by the date change.

Because this race has less chance of losing money if we have the 200 we were expecting at the race to spread costs out over, registration will remain open to fill the slots vacated by those who need refunds.

The effect of recent rain is being felt by multiple trail producers. We are not the only race affected, and I hope everyone can have a great race season even with all of this going on!

I welcome any and all questions - email me with them at info@dinosaurvalleytrailrun.com . And thanks you for your understanding.

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